And so Oda Nobunaga had made the cake…

As previously mentioned here, I’m looking for contributions in acquiring two very important books; Oda Nobunaga biographies, for the purpose of shaping an Assassin’s Creed story that takes place in Japan during that particular time/event.

So I have set up a Paypal ‘Donate’ button within my profile description on the side.

So, for any interested in obtaining a digital copy of these two not-so-modestly priced books, anyone who wants to see a version of a Japanese Assassin’s Creed story or anyone willing to simply lend a hand to a fellow Tumblr writer, please Donate what you would like.

All who donate will get a digital copy of the books, which I will scan myself and either leave as pics in a folder or as a PDF, as a ‘Thank You’. Since I’m sure I am not the only one interested in them.

My goal; Assassin’s Creed in Feudal Japan. To approach a Ubisoft publisher with the manuscript and get it official. If for some reason it is rejected, being an Assassin’s Creed type story, I will either alter it to make it stand alone or just release it as a piece of fanfiction. But either way it won’t be a typical Assassin’s Creed plot.

If any have questions, please do not hesitate to let me know. If you want more info, Check out the ‘Nobunaga Info’ page.

Thank you!

"If the bird will not sing, I will kill it."

From a poet describing the first of the Three Unifiers of Japan: Oda Nobunaga. Well, it is that context, but may not be exact. Translations. You know how it is.

With that said, I have embarked on a project I have found myself needing assistance with. About Oda Nobunaga. I have found some good sources online and am able to do something of a skeleton for the project, but am lacking critical details of him. The details I’m seeking are composed within 2 key books that are not exactly modestly priced.

1: Japonius Tyrannus: The Japanese Warlord Oda Nobunaga Reconsidered.


2: The Chronicles of Lord Oda Nobunaga.

I’m seeking assistance in funding the purchase of these 2 books. Hopefully quite a few would be willing to help, and themselves have an interest in Oda Nobunaga.

For starters, contact me if you are interested. Any who agree to help, will get a digital copy of the books (I will scan them and make a pdf ebook out of them for everyone).

Alternatively, if any have a digital copy or otherwise are willing to scan their book(s) to led me a hand would be greatly appreciated.

I cannot delve into details just  yet, but I found a pic that might serve purpose for the time being.

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