Digital Abyss

Digital Abyss, my place to put up material for download. PDF formats. These range between my work or other work compiled.

Please, enjoy the content.

New Elirian Quest

Collaboration between myself and few other writers from a past creative writing website. Needs further editing.


Spoken Word

Short compilation of a few poems written by musician Kory Clarke.


Dragon Age II

Character specific and Penny Arcade short stories compiled.


Shadows of the Damned

Four in-game short stories compiled.


Prince of Persia

Penny Arcade short story and the original comic it is based off of (which I added to, to make it a story) compiled.


L.A. Noire

Official Short Stories compiled.


Dante’s Inferno

Inferno summary compiled.


Vagrant Story Ultimania

In depth look at the story, compiled.



Historical events compiled.


Kingdoms of Amalur

History and World of Amalur compiled.


Amalur Interactive Short Story

Fan interactive story shared on Facebook and the Reckoning Official Forums.


Eve: Dust 514 - Stranded

Short work building up to the world of Dust 514.


Mortal Online

Currently, a single story on a historical event within the Mortal Online world.


Alan Wake

A short story and a short excerpt of a story written for the Alan Wake Collector’s Edition book - Alan Wake Files.

Up to date disclaimer: All content posted, excluding New Elirian Quest, is not my work nor collaborated with me. Event of the Hunter in the Prince of Persia is my work built upon what existed. The work is property of their respective owners.

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