Dainslaith 07


Ouro, 25. Year since the Lost Kingdom 381.

To my records,

Time has not been an ally, in any extent. Yet for some reason, I feel… Different. I cannot explain it. It is like I have… Grown, in a sense. My ability has grown very noticeably this last fortnight plus.

However I feel something inside my body, crawling within my flesh. Causing me to loose my constitution. As if I were growing ill in sorts. I have never felt this way, it is quite conflicting. I just hope this is short lived. I am not in the mindset to deal with being ill, especially during this time.

To a lesser extent, it was the anniversary of my birth: on Ouro 17. I have lived thus far for 28 years. I am surprised and happy I have lived this long. Apparently my direction of life is at the very least a bit more self preservative. Just too bad that I can say that and not the many others whom never or never will make it this far.

One last thought, always on my mind as of late: “Corruption reached the inhuman core; Builders of Cities, destroyers of worlds, kings of destruction: I am no longer yours.”

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