Dainslaith 09


Trueno, 12. Year since the Lost Kingdom 381.

To my records,

Compared to last time I wrote, I feel I have improved, in some part. I feel a bit more separated from myself right now, but I don’t feel that ‘anguish’ that I tried to explain. It has been a rough short time, but I think I am finally starting to feel myself and ability growing. Something I thought wasn’t happening.

Though, I cannot figure out the mental anguish nor the ‘separation’ feeling I currently endure, nor if it is related to the feeling of growth.

Though I have noticed a bit of a decline within the Sorcerer. I often wonder if he is straining himself, if his age is getting to him or if something else is up…

Perhaps there is a reason he chose someone for apprenticeship, chose me. Clearly, time will tell.

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