Dainslaith 11


Trueno, 24. Year since the Lost Kingdom 381.

To my records,

Ever since that duel, my Master has seemed somewhat distant. I couldn’t tell whether he ‘planted’ some ‘seed’ within me and is waiting to see what happens, or if he truly was drained afterward and required lengthy rest. I had no idea, but my mind wouldn’t stop buzzing about what I ‘Saw’ when I was unconscious. So I honestly couldn’t rule out the ‘planted seed’ aspect of my self inquiry.

Either way, I must maintain my training; I cannot let up. Not this far, I don’t want all of this be fore naught. Though within the meditation during these left alone days, somethings have come and gone from my mind. Things that I couldn’t have thought of in any other circumstance given my experiences here.

It is hard to distinguish after so many thoughts come and go, they seem quite perishable. But many I recall seem to revolve around one thing: Surviving death. Living passed ones death in other words. Knowing of the laws of Nature: Death is the one true democratic presence within this life.

All beings get it once. Yet I wondered why this would stick in my mind. It is not like it is possible to survive ones death… Is it? I could grasp at no answers. However, afterward I recalled the presence of Magic. Indistinguishable manipulation of ethereal energy both natural and being based. Perhaps this links deeper within beings? Perhaps it can manipulate or in other words, protect and maintain the Soul?

Digressing I begin to further fall to confusion. The only things clear at this point, my drive and my Alvatroce.

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