Countering a Perdition.

The apocalypse came long after it was ‘thought’ to had been realized. Surviving the ‘end’ was no easy feat, for everything taken for granted had been taken away. Everything had to be relearned; that which had been taken over by machines, computers. I recalled being told once.

“Some things now so foreign took time to understand. But coming to life or death, one takes the ‘Bull by the Horns’.” As I told another.

Too young.

Having been killed and born anew, Arisen decided to venture off in hunt of this Dragon whom bestowed upon him a challenge. But just before, he accepted a quest to guide Chief Adaro the Shadow Fort (which he later realized makes him unable to accept any other quest pleas).

Unbeknownst to him, the Shadow Fort lies in distant part of land he never knew existed. Taking up his chosen arms of the Sword and Shield, he left with his Pawn and Adoro at side to venture to the Shadow Fort.

Realizing the perils to come from such a trip, Arisen took it upon himself to not only protect Adoro but to regain ability and power from his former form, which Adoro was plenty alright with. After a lengthy time and trails of Bandit, Goblin and Wolf blood, not to mention the shock and awe of a Chimera, the Arisen kept his word and got Adoro to the Shadow Fort.

Grateful was Adoro, whom bestowed upon Arisen the Ferrystone, to make quick work of his return home. Something which Arisen knew was much to far away from now.

The Ruins

The Sun glared as it fell behind the distant mountains. Reflecting from the land before it, in effort to keep about in a loosing manor. Off into the distance, the remains of a once renowned civilization was blending within the range, as if it were constructed right from it.

Moving towards this sight, as if it were a new found duty, is what I found for myself; my goal. This sight caught my eye for a reason. I feel compelled to take in the visual treasure of these remains.

As the Sun had forfeit to the Night, I found my way distinctively closer to my goal, for it would be met within the next day. Though something struck me as odd; looking towards these ‘remains’, I noticed that something wasn’t typical. From this distance, it seemed that the surroundings were covered with something that was emitting a dull light. As if it were alluring for those who sought it out. This kept my mind restrained during the hours that I should have used for rest.

Few hours had passed that I could recall, the Sun has returned to claim it’s place above. My mind continued to swirl about that curious sight, for I continued my travel. I reached my goal not long after breaking my camp, and the sight was breath taking. Moss had covered the protruding Sun baked stone structure which surrounded a stair walkway, for this must have been what was illuminating the sight from the night passed. It seemed to welcome me; something I couldn’t refuse. I entered the stairway, into what seemed darker than normal the further down I went. A black I have never seen before. Curious of the lacking moss, I continued down. Till I came to a flat, where I had lost all sense of direction.

Dainslaith 13 Extension


Continuing on…

Whilst my reaction to my Master still quite obviously alive, I couldn’t help but stare in disbelief. “What is going on?” was the first though in my mind as soon as the shock released me, allowing me to begin thinking partially coherently.

At first glance, I dismissed it as an illusion from my meditation, as in times concentrating too hard on any one things does fool your eyes when glancing across reality, sometimes seeing what you meditated on, yet merely a figment or unadjusted eyes. Though once I recognized my Master, my body wanted to jump up and assault this ‘intruder’. But something stopped me, I don’t know why.

I just couldn’t understand, but he sat down and began telling me of his true nature, of what just happened and essentially confirm my prior existing suspicion. I sat and listened, not questioning once, till he concluded. He said “This is where your true training begins.”

Till I understand what he told me, I shall refrain from writing it down. I do not wish to confuse myself from my first impression over what I eventually learn from contemplating such information. However I can say that, according to him, the ‘want’ to become such lies in two emotions; Love and Hate.

Since I had no one to Love, I didn’t have this Will to live on after my death to assist, protect or otherwise remain part of their life. This is what shook the ground beneath me, he said that he chose me knowing I wasn’t capable of the Love Will, but fully capable of Hate. For me to cross the bridge for this, I must do so in spite of someone.

Deep down, I knew I would end up hating, or better said despising my Master. To the point I cross that threshold and destroy him…

I simply remained speechless.

Dainslaith 13


Trevas, 09. Year since the Lost Kingdom 381.

To my records,

Earlier this morning, I decided to go check upon my Master to see his condition, since I have not seen him in days; since the duel. I was growing worried, among other emotions I felt. But upon my discovery, his condition was making him prisoner to his own bed. I dare not describe the condition of the environment in this room.

But once I walked in, his eyes locked with mind and he asked me one thing: to Kill him. To my surprise, I stared at him dumbfounded. For I wasn’t sure if I even heard him correctly. He reiterated the same thing, which indeed caught my attention more than his condition. Reluctantly, I felt compelled to accept this as his wishes, to which I plunge a dirk nearby into his chest and leaving it to shred his now cleaved and beating heart.

Afterward, his body turned to some form of ash or sand. I didn’t care to study, I simply left to return to my quarters. Questioning to pack or not, for it seems my epiphany was incorrect, no one can survive death.

I began to meditate the remainder of the day to find some calm and to at least go over what training was bestowed upon me so I could at least expand where I felt it necessary.

Till my Master walked into my room…