Die another day.

Back when I was touring, won’t say where, I remember driving to a majority of places. Keeping watch of every little thing; windy days were some of the worst, to make sure the team I was with didn’t get jumped, and same with them; a Brotherhood of sorts. Recalling back to one of the days where our Senior Officer was telling us a little of his point of view, one of his realizations after his first few tours as a Soldier.

His words were: “Then you feel guilty for living your life. Getting older, when someone else didn’t. Many of them will never, ever have their stories told.” Those words stayed with me ever since he said them, burned into my psyche. It was a huge reason I shifter my point of view to being more neutral. Trying to understand that any of these conflicts are mere points of view that were forced to clash opposition by other men.

One of the first thoughts that came to mind was that I was fighting some others fight. Though I feel I knew that way back when I enlisted. I was okay with it since it was the life I chose. What I’ve learned, what I’ve been sent to witness, even the words of my Senior Officer… was all meant to build me up further that I could ever think.

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I Remain.

Sitting inside of a helicopter, strapped to a seat alone, across from the team that picked me up. I swallowed my consciousness deep into myself. Reflecting on what I found myself amazed about that I had actually survived. Something I didn’t expect at the beginning.

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