A man lives for fifty years.
When compared with the Lowest Heaven,
It’s like a dream, an illusion.
Is there anyone who, given life once,
Never fades away?
- Oda Nobunaga
I belong to the warrior in whom the Old ways have joined the New. - Katsumoto

For example, he’d often ask me what my tutors had been teaching me, listen intently, and then say, ‘why?’ Whenever he asked me something, whether it was about religion, ethics, or morality, he would know if I gave the answer by rote, or just repeated it parrot fashion, and he’d say, ‘Well, you’ve just told me what Old Mr. Fayling thinks,’ or, ‘We know what a centuries-old writer thinks. But what does it say in here, Haytham?’ and he’d place a hand to my chest.

I realize now what he was doing. Old Mr. Fayling was teaching me facts and absolutes; Father was asking me to question them. This knowledge I was being given by Old Mr. Fayling - where did it originate? Who wielded the quill, and why should I trust that man?

- Haytham Kenway