Here is the ‘Special Unit’ pilot episode. Full of funny and a bummer it didn’t become more… 

Till the potential ‘Special unit movie’.

This House of Dreams

Something I found interesting a short while ago was a blog over on blogger. Simply titled “This House of Dreams”. At first I thought it was just a simple personal blog with updates to a sort of ‘off-center’ individual. But after doing some research onto it, with some confirmation from an actual website, that the blog was a tease from Remedy Games. Teasing, in some form, the Alan Wake fans in particular.

Remedy likes to do things like this to build up anticipation, or have it available to show it off in a ‘See? It is right there!’ kind of thing. But I digress, the point of this is to show off the poetry involved within the blog itself as well as some of the ‘unintentional prose’ ala ‘dreams’ that are written of.

Without wasting more time, here are the appropriate links to the content and to the long discussion-to-confirmation about it:

This House of Dreams.

Fansite or Official - Alan Wake Forums.

For those who like it, here is a PDF of the blog contents.


Praying Mantis.

I spy, with my little eye. The thing that goes bump in the night, nearby. A sense of duty, when the risks run high; the scum who wishes they didn’t try.

Event of the Hunter.

"In Darkness there is peace, in Darkness there is Dream. In Darkness… there is me."

"A Thousand years I have waited. A thousand years of Pain; for a thousand years the Light has burned the Desert. But a Thousand years ago… there were those who gave themselves to me."

The God of Darkness Ahriman thought to himself. Recalling one being in particular whom, in his selfish desires, gave himself to Ahriman for more ‘Game’.

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A Vagrant’s Prologue

Lea Monde…

What evil has befallen you?

Housed within your impregnable walls was once the proudest city in all of Valendia. Was the Great Quake that befell you a mere act of capricious nature? Or was it something more malevolent… more sinister… brought upon you by the Black Magicks that your wizards engaged in? And although the dying cries of your denizens have subsided decades ago, I can’t help but speculate if you are in fact, without occupants.

There are those who I know I shall find… and battle… for they are the reason that I’ve come here. But beyond that, I sense that to accomplish my quest I shall need to engage creatures that are wholly not human… if they are even from this world at all.

All my senses shall be overwhelmed… as dreams become reality. Calling into question my beliefs… my desires… and my greatest fears.

Yes, Lea Monde, I am sure that I shall need every inch of my strength… and all of my Riskbreaker training… and even some of your own Magick… in order to complete my task. But that is what I must do… for myself, and for all of Valendia!